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February 02, 02023

YouTube Channels

December 24, 02022

Project timeline

June 20, 02022

Best Flash Games

December 30, 02021

Best Console Games

December 30, 02021


Online courses

November 29, 02021


September 23, 02021

Finding Books

How do you find books to read? And where can you find them online?

July 18, 02021

Beautiful Websites

July 18, 02021


A work in progress

June 24, 02021



June 09, 02021

Financial Investments

Unfolding my story one bit at a time. Not financial advice.

April 17, 02021

Best iOS Games

The best games and the best games to play on repeat.

March 19, 02021

General Advice

A collection of general advice.

February 18, 02021

2020–2030 Goals and Predictions

I’m still at the start, and the mist in front of me heavily obscures my vision.

February 04, 02021

JavaScript Bookmarklets

January 19, 02021

Transcript & College Course Alternatives

My college courses and better alternatives that are mostly free.

January 06, 02021

Average Day

What my average day looks like across the years.

December 14, 02020

Turning 20

It’s strange to look back on 19 years and even stranger to look forward.

December 09, 02020

zero through nineteen

As of writing, I have less than two weeks until I turn 20.

November 26, 02020

Pain and growth

Search for those moments.

September 02, 02020

Chrome Extensions

A list of useful Chrome Extensions.

June 19, 02020

Mental Models and Principles

A few of my personal mental models and principles.

February 01, 02020


Work in 2019

A few of the creative projects I worked on in 2019.

December 31, 02019