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Pain and growth

Planted 02020-09-02

Search for those moments.

The goal isn’t to prevent yourself from feeling any pain now and in the future. It’s in those moments that growth happens.

When you work out, you have to tear your muscles to make them grow. And it’s that discomfort that signs growth.

we’ll often step out of our comfort zone, and instantly feel “this sucks, i hate this, i look stupid, i feel stupid, this is PAINFUL.” but unfamiliar circumstances have a ton of new data. the volume knob is all the way up. and sometimes what we think is pain is just our own discomfort.

If you want to grow, discomfort is the path. If you want to grow, seek discomfort.

Your fears and doubts make it harder for you to have such moments of growth and to have the courage and grit to keep going.

And it’s that fear gives us direction: Whatever scares you, go do it.

There is no such thing as fearless. There’s being gripped by fear and dancing with fear.

Fear is just a form of excitement, and you know you should do what excites you.

Don’t just show up. Show up and extend yourself.