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Hello, I’m Lukas.

I’m a student exploring design, development, and marketing.

Welcome to my corner of the net. Here’s to finding new ways to confuse yourself.

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I’ve been building websites and coding since 2007, designing identities since 2017, and marketing professionally since 2018. Yes, you can call me young. I won’t be offended. I was born and raised by the web. I’m passionate about crafting better experiences and finding ways to make tasks more efficient.

I balance school, running, work, and taking time to enhance my skills and always seek efficient and cohesive ways to make everything flow together. I enjoy finding points of purposeful function behind ideas and iterating hundreds of times until refined into their core function. I don’t see design as a way to create anything you want. Instead, I see it as a way to create less, but better.

Born in 2000 in Ohio - where I still live (covid update) now living in Florida 2021 update: where I still live, I create new solutions with old emotions—focusing my energy on making change happen through feelings, status, and connection. I do work that matters for people who care.

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As little design as possible.