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When Did You Last Do Something For The First Time?

Rode a passenger train. CVSR.

Developed on an app accepted into the Apple App Store

Went to a conference. Tailwind Connect 2023.

Went to a rave.

Accepted a full-time offer.

Ran git reset --hard in a project before making a single commit.

Mapped and drove to right address, wrong city.

Took a cat on a walk.

Published an npm package. simple-params

Towed, and learned about predatory towing companies.

Found a severe vulnerability in a widely used software.

Purchased alcohol. (21st birthday)

Signed a lease with other people.

I called the police. A big white passenger van hit with my car in the middle of the night and ran.

Skipped a day of classes.

Seriously, the first time I ever skipped classes was today, in my third year of college.

Skipped a class.

Paid a utility bill. It was $58.48 for electricity.

Got someone elseโ€™s mail

Checked my own mailbox

Called a utility company

Purchased renters insurance

Contributed to an open source project with a merged PR

Paid for cloud storage

Slung wet sand at the beach

Started this list