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Planted 02021-06-09


I started this timeline as a reflection of years as I neared my last of being a teenager.

Here I’ll try to keep a timeline of events I find meaningful at the time, because looking back those events are easily lost.

Again, I’m really bad with dates. And school years go between years but we’re just going to ignore that.

Platform Progression

I find this notable. What a time to be alive.

2000 Born and stuff

Born in Kettering Ohio.

Young Lukas
Young Lukas asleep with a smol kitten.

2007 First coding experience

My Uncle showed me Ruby on Rails, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it at the time. (Date sourced from my Heroku account.) He introduced me to HTML and CSS, and I started to build small projects, but it took too much time to create simple things at first, so I quickly grew bored.

2012 First social media

Must have received my first Apple Laptop (mid-2011 13-inch MacBook Air) around this time as well.

Joined Twitter in December 2012. Seems notable. I’m the type of guy to create a Twitter account in 2012 but not post anything until 2015-2016.

Also created a Github account.

2013 Created YouTube/Google? Account

Google acquired YouTube so I’m not sure about the account structure and I’ll just attribute this to when I first signed up for YouTube.

Some favorite channels of the time:

  • FilmRiot
  • Corridor Digital
  • Sam and Niko (now Corridor Crew)
  • Ryan Higa

2014 8th Grade

In 8th grade, I was a part of the i3STEM Program, and my first, like “official relationship” or whatever, started.

The Ti-84 calculator gave way to my first genuine coding interest: BASIC on the Ti-84. I was on my calculator so much that my history teacher took away my calculator.

Used Final Cut Pro and Motion 5 to make Punkin Chunkin class video.

Started working at Chick-Fil-A.

Personal Records:

  • Cross Country (2-mile): 11:04 (avg 5:32/mile)
  • High Jump: 5ft 6in

2015 9th Grade (First year of High School)

I programmed lock screens on my jailbroken iPhone 5s with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (rip LockHTML).

My first, like “official relationship” or whatever, ended.

Personal Records:

  • Cross Country (5K, 3.1 miles): 17:26 (avg 5:37/mile)
  • High Jump: 5ft 8in

2016 10th Grade

Videos made with Final Cut Pro:

Quit working at Chick-Fil-A (on the spot. People leave managers, not companies.)

Decided to do volleyball instead of track (alongside Max and Ronny).

2017 11th Grade

Built my own computer. Took AP Psychology and AP Micro/Macro Economics.

The summer reading for AP Psych was Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s the first book on my book list because I view this book and class as a propitious moment to come across this information.

Started dating Sabrina.

Personal Records:

  • High Jump: 6ft 0in

2018 12th Grade

Upgraded mid-2011 13-inch MacBook Air to a 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Wrote articles and designed graphics for School Journalism class.

Was brought on to the Branding committee for the Olentangy Local School District.

Read Surely you’re joking Mr Feynman and Influence.

Started working at Infinite Smiles.

Personal Records: High Jump: 6ft 4in, won the Ohio Capital Conference Championship.

2019 First year in College

Graduated high school.

Built my own website

Left Infinite Smiles to go to college.

Became a contractor at ABB.

Work in 2019.

2020 Second year in College

COVID-19 Hit. Contractors let go from ABB.

University told everybody to go home.

Took a trip to Colorado with Carter.

Purchased 2012 MacBook Pro and Upgraded to 16 GB RAM and 2 TB SSD.

Had second brothers weekend.

Joined Traffic Think Tank (TTT), hired by Adam at Loganix.

University continued to let students be fully remote.

Moved into new Florida apartment with parents while the house was under construction.

Flew for the first time on my own.


Left Loganix and TTT to work with Andre at Virra.

Moved into new Florida house with parents.

Built my first production web application with Firebase and Next.js.

University said, “you can’t be remote anymore; come back,” so I signed my first lease.

Moved into studio apartment with help from Grandparents.

A big white passenger van hit with my car in the middle of the night and ran.


Moved into first house with housemates.

Lots of programming


Started working at SkyCatchFire.

Graduated Miami University and named to Dean’s list.

Moved in with Grandparents.

Went to Tailwind Connect 2023.