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What is marketing?

Marketing exists to make sales easier.

Marketing and sales are two sides of the same coin–helping people move forward by generously showing up to solve their problems.

Marketers understand the feelings of those they seek to serve and look to serve them better. Aside from the actual need-to-buy category, what we buy isn’t products. We buy emotional change.

What’s your promise? What change do you seek to make? How are you helping the people you seek to serve move forward through that change?

How are you optimizing the perception of it all?

Where change happens

Much of the difference between the marketing types come down to different amounts of attention.

Reaching, helping someone move forward, or browsing social media will be relatively different from someone reading their email and even more different from someone attending an event. Different spaces garner different Perception Optimization specialists. Sure, there is going to be overlap; it’s all helping people move forward. Same strategy; sometimes tactics differ.

A Land & Expand Reading Program

Other books

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