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RSC vs. Remix

Planted 02023-03-14

The RSC Primary Flow

  • Load data: Do it anywhere, we don’t care.
  • Write data: Not our job. (Next 13: Hard refresh? We’re working on it…)

The Remix Primary Flow

  • Load data: Request data at the route level, parallelize everything.
  • Write data: HTML forms, now here’s tools to progressively enhance.

RSC approach footguns

  • Rerenders will refetch!
    • Next 13 solution: monkey patch fetch to dedupe requests
  • Requests are now waterfalled, unless you move them back up
    • solution: We don’t care, APIs are fast. … more tooling coming in the future to see if it’s a problem

Remix benefits

  • Parallelize all the requests!
  • Learn how the web works

Remix issues