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Alive time

Where I pushed myself to learn and act every day.

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Ideally Iā€™m optimizing for:

And periodically giving time to create an environment conductive towards those goals.


December 2020

    December 22

  1. Learned about the Fallacy of Grey

    website, lifechange, making, reading, writing, exercise

    16:44 PM ā€”

  2. December 20

  3. Create booklist for Sabrina

    View the booklist


    01:00 AM ā€” 02:00 AM

  4. December 19

  5. Started a compendium of Less Wrong

    View the compendium


    03:25 AM ā€”

  6. Booklist and Want-to-read lists now save images locally


    09:00 AM ā€” 09:02 AM

  7. December 18

  8. First task

    I finished creating this yaml file and VS code snippets!

    website, making

    03:21 AM ā€” 04:24 AM

  9. Wisdom teeth removed


    08:30 AM ā€” 09:30 AM

  10. Created an actual about page

    View my alivetime

    website, making, writing

    17:32 PM ā€” 20:01 PM

  11. Change contact to about

    Contact information can be found in about and changelog is a nice way to see all updates.


    20:04 PM ā€” 03:25 AM