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Zota is the newest community event, hosted by the Olentangy Education Foundation.

Olentangy Education Foundation is a non-profit that hosts annual events to support and fund enhanced educational experiences for students. OEF has funded over $700,000 in grants and scholarships over the years, resulting in a passionate community sharing a singular, incredible experience.

My mission was to help the latest Olentangy Education Foundation event become the brand it deserves, increase ticket sales and brand recognition, and open new streams of revenue—all without alienating hundreds of current brand champions.

Zota-olentangy-event-design-01 Zota-olentangy-event-design-02 Zota-olentangy-event-design-03 Zota-olentangy-event-design-04 Zota-olentangy-event-design-05 Zota-olentangy-event-design-06 Zota-olentangy-event-design-07