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Write about stuff that interests you

Planted 02020-08-08

Goals moving forward and telling us what we need to know.

Writing about stuff that interests you.

Goals moving forward:

  • Publish something to every week.
  • Share something on normal platforms every week. Likely Twitter/LinkedIn.

Write about something that interests you, because the only one who has heard all of it is you.

Tell us what we need to know. Not because you need to hear yourself repeat it, but because you believe we need to hear it. Take your time and lay it out for us, without worrying about whether or not we’ve heard you say it before. We probably haven’t.

Often, in conversation with strangers, such as when I have to ask for something, I feel ashamed to be bothering someone.

I feel embarrassed to ask people anything.

It seems like deep insecurity on not wanting to bother people to “safely” get by unnoticed.

I’m even scared to post online, scared of being reprimanded for pulling people away—or something. I imagine that’s from years of school—years of being in environments that dislike anyone who thinks different.

So it’s been ingrained in me to stop participating.

Teachers are leaders. And any leaders’ ambition should be greater than the ambitions of their people combined.

But, in school and business, there is often no meaning imbued into anything.

The world seems full of people trying to do the bare minimum; people clapping themselves on the back for more claps and more bs.

We’re not taught how to confide in others or how to let others confide in us. Some of us may experience it growing up, but it’s no longer common from what I can see.

For now, all we have as humans is initiative, surprise, random connection, and trust.

People seek the promise that you’ll take them somewhere—not that you’ll show up as your “true self”.

So tell us what we need to know.

Publishing your work increases your luck