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Virra Marketing

Virra Marketing is a music promotion agency for independent artists seeking to give great artists the audience they deserve.

Founded by a group of young student entrepreneurs in 2017 out of MIT Launch, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) incubator program, the company grew with no upfront investments or outside funding.

The co-founders of Virra brought me in to revamp the website and dashboard experience for both their clients and Virra customer support agents.

The previous technology stack had the website built with Wix, the portal built with a half-baked PHP project hosted through Host Gator, and Cloud Firestore as the database.

As the current web application was primitive and was not conducive to a development pipeline, I dove headfirst into understanding the project requirements to choose an optimal stack to build the website and portal from scratch.

The chosen tech stack:

Moving Virra to this new stack enabled us to rapidly develop a new website and dashboard in weeks instead of months.

I realized there were no formal design guidelines at Virra, so I quickly iterated some basic font and color choices to land on a starting place.

Building from scratch meant I had to conceptualize and design every page. But this was made easy with my intimate knowledge of layout and typography and reviewing existing design systems.

As the earliest member of the Web Development team at Virra, the early development of this project was a solo effort. The company sought to continue searching and building software solutions and brought on more members. I enabled a smooth onboarding of new members, as I started an internal documentation and company knowledge base during the scope of my work.

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