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Infinite Smiles

Infinite Smiles

Infinite Smiles is a leading dental innovator providing luxury, state-of-the-art dental care led by Dr. Neal Patel.

Dr. Patel brought me in as the first hire on the Design Team at Infinite Smiles. Together, we updated the Infinite Smiles brand and applications, eventually working alongside select dental partners to fill in their design gaps.

Infinite Smiles comfort amenities
Infinite Smiles makes dental care convenient and relaxing with a plethora of comfort amenities.

With the growth of the team, we embarked on a redesign of all internal and external brand applications of Infinite Smiles. Starting with the creation of a new identity and design system, every customer touch-point was redesigned with it.

Infinite Smiles Logo Before and After
Infinite Smiles logo before and after.

You can view the new Infinite Smiles announcement here.

Infinite Smiles Website Before Redesign
Infinite Smiles website before redesign.

You can view the Infinite Smiles website here.

At Infinite Smiles, I dove headfirst into WordPress development as I began to explore the map of web development to understand the territory better. The team shifted into The Web Team as we crafted a new digital experience for Infinite Smiles.

Infinite Smiles Team
The Infinite Smiles team page.

This was a team effort and you can view the full staff here.

My intimate knowledge of filmmaking and cinematography lent itself to lead the development and production of a video series for various marketing touch-points.

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