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University Organization

Planted 02023-02-17

School folder structure


  • Y1S2_2019_Aug29-2019Dec14
  • Y1S2_2020_Jan27-2020May16
  • Y2S1_2020_Aug14-2020Dec
  • Y2S2_2021_Jan25-2021May15
  • Y3S1_2021_Aug17-Dec8
  • Y3S1_2021_Winter
  • Y3S2_2022_Jan24-2022May14
  • Y4S1_2022_Aug22-Dec09
  • Y4S2_2023_Jan23-May12

Format (roughly):

Y{yearNumber}S{semesterNumber}_{semesterStartYear}_{semesterStartMonth + semesterStartDay}-{semesterEndYear + semesterEndMonth + semesterEndDay}

Each class gets its own folder.

If the class provides many documents, sub-folders are created based on the content format.

For example:


  • /assignments
  • /labs
  • /quizzes


  • /assignments
  • /slides


I rewrite syllabus dates for each class into .txt files with the following format:

MKT 442		Section A		Highwire Brand Studio

Mon, Jan 23	Referral Network Groups
Wed, Jan 25	Client Presents Project
Mon, Jan 30
Wed, Feb 1
Mon, Feb 6	Presentations: Referral Network Groups
Wed, Feb 8	Presentations: Referral Network Groups
Mon, Feb 13	Market Analysis Overview & Permanent Teams Assigned
Wed, Feb 15	Market Analysis Overview
Mon, Feb 20
--- You are here	---
Wed, Feb 22
Mon, Feb 27	Presentations: Market Analysis
Wed, Mar 1	Presentations: Market Analysis
Mon, Mar 6	Market Strategy Overview
Wed, Mar 8	Market Strategy Overview
Mon, Mar 13
Wed, Mar 15
---	Spring Break	---
Mon, Mar 27
Wed, Mar 29
Mon, Apr 3	Presentations: Market Strategy
Wed, Apr 5	Tactical Execution Overview
Mon, Apr 10
Wed, Apr 12
Mon, Apr 17	Presentations: Tactical Execution
Wed, Apr 19	Presentations: Tactical Execution
Mon, Apr 24	Finalize Deliverables
Wed, Apr 26	Final Presentation Rehearsals
Mon, May 1	Final Presentation Rehearsals
Wed, May 3	Present to Client
Final		Final Deliverables

These do not go into the class files. Instead they go into the semester root so I can easily reference and reopen them.

Syllabus open script

I created a zsh alias school to quickly re-open all current semester syllabus files in TextEdit.

school='zsh ~/scripts/'
# !/bin/zsh
# open school text files in TextEdit

# set school directory

# set word split to split on spaces
setopt sh_word_split

# get string of text files in school directory
schoolFiles=$(ls $schoolDir | grep .txt)

# open every school file in TextEdit
for file in $schoolFiles
    open -a TextEdit $schoolDir/$file