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TTT Community Money Site

Planted 02020-10-22

What if we could harness a scenius to launch a completely community-driven website that generates revenue and took all of the profits and donated them to a charity of choice?

I’ll be continuously working on this page as the project continues.

What is TTT?

Traffic Think Tank (TTT) is an accelerator for your SEO skills, network, and career.

There are two parts to TTT:

  1. The Academy
  2. The Community

The academy has over 200 hours of content with over 20 topic areas, taught by over 40 practicing experts, and a live Q&A every month.

The Traffic Think Tank community is full of hyper-talented people in the digital marketing space. It’s a scenius, or communal genius where immersed individuals, inspired by like-minded peers and the entire environment, blossom and produce their best work.

What if we could harness that talent to launch a completely community-driven website that generates revenue and took all of the profits and donated them to a charity of choice?

Matthew Howells-Barby sent out an invite for volunteers from the community to lend their skills to support TTT’s very own Money Site project.

What is a money site?

A money site refers to a website that can generate income in any form.

TTT has a course Creating a Money Site from Scratch from Ian Howells, co-founder of Traffic Think Tank, where Ian walks through each step in building a website from the ground up with minimal budget.

Getting started

Matthew Howells-Barby created a Slack channel to start planning out the project. I was brought in as part of the initial project team for design and development, alongside Joey Farruggio and Judd Lyon.

The initial project team:

  • David Broderick (project management).
  • Ronan Kelleher (project management).
  • Liz Dougherty (project management).
  • Kristin Tyndall (project management & content planning).
  • Naila Turner (content planning).
  • Joey Farruggio (design & development).
  • Judd Lyon (development).
  • Lukas Murdock (design & development).
  • Matthew Howells-Barby, Nick Eubanks, and Ian Howells (the Traffic Think Tank founding team).

Here’s the basic flow of how the project is likely going to work:

  1. Ronan and David setup project management in Notion
  2. Map out broad strokes of project plan
  3. Bring in more volunteers
  4. PM software is setup and initial team is organized
  5. Decide on niche and final decision made by wider community vote
  6. Community vote on charity to give all proceeds to
  7. Decide on brand/domain name
  8. Start keyword opportunity analysis
  9. Website design and build brief
  10. Begin Website design and build
  11. Further keyword research
  12. Start editorial calendar
  13. Implement analytics and other tools
  14. Start first batch of content creation
  15. Complete affiliate program applications and analytics systems
  16. Start website Q/A testing
  17. V1 build goes live
  18. V1 content goes live
  19. Continue content creation and link building

After setting up some basic project management in Notion, the next priority is to answer:

  1. Which charity will we donate to?
  2. Which niche will we focus the money site on?
  3. Which domain/brand name will we go with?

Update October 30th

The winner of the charity selection poll is Black Girls Code.

Update November 3rd

TTT post: Our community is building a revenue-generating website.

Update November 9th

TTT community voted for niche: Working from home

Update November 23rd

TTT community voted for domain name:

Ideal domain criteria:

  • .com available
  • No hyphen
  • Relatively short
  • Focused on “working from home”
  • Not too narrow (e.g. “”)

Update December 2nd

Brief meeting to talk about project management, design, and development.

Update December 15

Swipe file: