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Marketing and Positioning

Planted 02020-07-20

A riff on marketing and positioning

Regardless of your title, It’s your job to inspire the people you seek to serve to take action. To reassure them that you are indeed an expert and of great worth.

To think and reveal facts about their current situation, things they couldn’t find themselves.

Marketing should position you as best suited to your ideal clients and give them everything they need to tell other people.

“A better deal over the competition” leaves out too much context.

Individuals determine the value for themselves.

Arguably, we don’t want customers who seek out the lowest price, because we’re not for them. It’s a waste of both parties time to connect.

“More value” isn’t always given at a lower price.

Often, higher prices give more value. Higher rates allow you to make a better product and deliver a better service.

Giving people a story they want to tell is more valuable than a lower price.

If no one were willing to pay for it, the prices would lower.

Note that while we might not value it at a higher price, others who value it more than we do.

People can drive a $500 car off the lot, and people can order a $5,000,000 car.

People differ in how much they value things and how well it matches the story they want to tell.

Some people spend more on their cars than they do their homes because that’s the story they want to tell.

Yes, this ignores the majority and especially those who don’t have the money or resources to pay. But you can’t help everyone, and you can’t have a business by giving things away for free.

You can’t help everyone, and you’ll have to turn people away to have a business.