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Learning React

Planted 02021-01-09

Resources to learn React, and my log of doing it.

Free React Resources


What is React?

  1. React is a JavaScript library.
  2. JavaScript is for making websites interactive.
  3. The React JS library is an open-source (created and maintained by Facebook) to handle complex state management and UI updates.
  4. React allows you to more easily handle state changes and have the UI react accordingly.

What do you need to know to learn React?

I mean, the true answer is nothing. I started learning React with an:

  • High level of knowledge about HTML
  • Moderate level of knowledge about CSS
  • Moderate level of knowledge about JS

React is a JavaScript library. If you’ve done projects with vanilla JavaScript and understand what HTML and CSS do, learning React is mostly learning the new process.

I also apparently know enough JS to be dangerous, but not enough, so I’m still quite confused.

React, like code, is an ever-changing, ephemeral beast. In the Beginner’s Guide to React, Kent says “this was so common, the React team created […],” so many times. React seems to have effectively rewritten itself every few years or so.

I mistakenly thought that React was more than it is.

What is React

  • JSX
  • React Components
  • React Hooks
    • useState state in React components
    • useReducer consolidate state update logic in a reducer
    • useEffect specify side effects that are caused by rendering itself (yeah, confusing)
    • useRef DOM interaction
    • useContext read and subscribe to context from your component