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Ideas Worth Caching

Planted 02022-09-29

The TED slogan of “Ideas worth spreading” has stuck with me.

I believe a parallel form exists in cached thoughts: Ideas worth caching.

Ideas worth making quickly available to yourself, not something that’s particularly sharable.


I use the following two sites multiple times a day now:

I fully realized words themselves had derivable meaning from you’re reading the wrong dictionary by James Somers and Aspire by Kevin Hall.


Levels of abstraction

I first learned of the idea of abstraction from Up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction by Bret Victor.

Be specific

Often, people don’t want to trust you when you state the abstract generalization. And often aren’t content with deducing support for this generalization from the further generalization. They want enough details enough that they can model-check

Be Specific

Object level and Meta level - LessWrong


If disagreement persists the true sources of disagreement are either hard to communicate, or hard to expose. E.g.:

  • Uncommon, but well-supported, scientific knowledge or math;
  • Long inferential distances;
  • Hard-to-verbalize intuitions, perhaps stemming from specific visualizations;
  • Zeitgeists inherited from a profession (that may have good reason for it);
  • Patterns perceptually recognized from experience;
  • Sheer habits of thought;
  • Emotional commitments to believing in a particular outcome;
  • Fear that a past mistake could be disproved;
  • Deep self-deception for the sake of pride or other personal benefits;

— How To Actually Change YouR Mind, Eliezer Yudkowsky

Generalizing from one example / typical mind fallacy



The Story of Us

The History of the Corporation

The Century of the Self


Layers of change