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Ideas need an axis to be tested against.

Planted 02019-09-23

When we argue about ‘better’ most likely, we’re not having the same conversation. We need to start by clarifying what form of better we’re seeking. What change are you trying to make with ‘better’? List attributes you care about and pick the two you care about the most. Draw an axis and map the new idea against what’s currently available.

Without a list of attributes, we pick the attribute that we care about the most. And it’s often better, we think, to pick a common attribute that everyone cares about. Instead of an attribute towards the edge that those we seek to serve care about. And that’s not often the same as everyone else.

Stop internalizing and normalizing your views of how things stack up in the world. Communicate your axis and see how your axis stacks up against what change you’re trying to make. Then choose your own axis and connect with those underserved people who can’t wait to find you at the edges.