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Getting to Know


David C. Baker, The Business of Expertise, Getting to Know.

Wes Kao, Spiky Point of View.


Articulate bits where you donโ€™t have a thoughtful point of view. Just knowing what you donโ€™t know gives you permission for that confidence about the things that you do know, and in the process allows you be honest about what you donโ€™t know.

I donโ€™t have a thoughtful point of view on:

Drop and Give Me 20

What I want you to give me is 20 insights that emerge from your expertise as applied to a particular focusโ€ฆ As you read your list of 20 things to me nearly off the top of your head, will I have some aha moments? Will I learn something? [โ€ฆ] If you canโ€™t articulate your expertise quickly and concisely and in a compelling manner, itโ€™s just simply not true. โ€” David C. Baker