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Down to the detail.

Planted 02019-09-25

What makes an expert? What level of detail do you need to be aware of to move things forward? What awareness might you be missing?

Different situations call for different responses. Sometimes we need to look around and dig for deeper insights because we don’t have enough information. But more often than not we have all the information we need to move forward. We don’t need to know everything before we make a decision but fear will always tell us the opposite.

There are infinite levels of detail to know and everything is connected at every level. You don’t need to understand internet protocols to send a message from your smartphone. (TCP/IP)

We follow experts because they have the information we need to move forward. As long as they know more than you, you’ll continue to follow them. Feelings of inadequacy build up and prevent you from moving forward because you don’t know enough.

On the other hand, if we choose to acknowledge what we don’t know and what we know, we can move past restrictions we placed on ourselves. Start valuing what you know.