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360 Delegation

Whether you’re giving or receiving direction, 360 Delegation is addressing:

  1. Vision
  2. Resources
  3. Definition of Done

Vision prompts:

  • what do you want done?
  • what’s your vision for completion?
  • why are we doing this? (especially important for Fact Finders)
  • when are we starting this task / project?
  • what are the milestones along the way?
  • what’s the ultimate, final, drop-dead deadline?
  • consider telling a story – what are the stakes if this goes well? poorly?
  • IMPORTANT: can you show a sample of success? A screencast, screenshot, picture, video, sound clip, link to website… something?

Resources prompts:

  • Access – online – website passwords
  • Access – physical – keys to a building or room, login info for a computer
  • Money needed, access to credit cards, PayPal accounts
  • Expertise – “how to” courses, blog posts, training sessions
  • Expertise – consultants available to hire
  • Manpower – team members, outside contractors
  • Software
  • Systems / Checklists
  • Decision-Making Guidelines
  • Approvals and/or Authority
  • Hours allocated to complete
  • Equipment / Hardware
  • Storage – online or physical
  • Itineraries of people or events
  • Language / translators

Definition of done:

  • Specifications of finished project; e.g.) image exported to JPG, 300 x 300 pixels
  • Sign-offs required from management or client
  • Storage of files after completion; e.g.) store both working file and exported files to Dropbox folder: Clients > ABC Corp > Graphic Design > Banner Ads
  • Double-check against related contracts
  • Quality-Assurance Checklists created / completed / checked
  • Important Dates highlighted
  • Schedule created