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Commercial and Klim Type Fonts for free with macOS

Planted 02020-05-26

Apple has licensed fonts Commercial Type, Klim Type Foundry, and Mark Simonson Studio for new system fonts on Mac OS Catalina.

I’ve been in love with Klim Type Foundry ever since first stumbling upon their fonts. I brought Domaine Display and Calibre to the attention of the team at Infinite Smiles and we finalized them into the rebranding campaign.

Interestingly the new fonts are not listed anywhere on the System Fonts developer page yet. But you can find them listed in a support document for Fonts in macOS Catalina.

Font highlights are:

  • Domaine Display from Klim Type Foundry
  • Founders Grotesk by Klim Type Foundry
  • Canela from Commercial Type
  • Graphik by Commercial Type
  • Produkt by Commercial Type
  • Publico by Commercial Type
  • Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson Studio

I love the attention Apple gives on providing users better fonts and arguably a better out of the box experience.

H/T to NetNewsWire (β€œIt’s like podcasts, but for reading”) for linking to Ralf Herrmann at typography guru