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Business Challenges

Table Stakes: Unblock Your Business

The biggest business challenges growing companies face, as explained by Mario Peshev.


  1. Business Strategy
  2. Marketing
  3. Recruitment
  4. Management
  5. Sales
  6. Technology

Business Strategy

  1. Designing systems and processes
  2. Lack of direction and vision
  3. Coping with market competition
  4. Keeping up with market transformations
  5. Reducing dependencies on founding team
  6. Balanced quality and growth
  7. Leveraging consultants and business advisors


  1. Building effective marketing strategies
  2. Properly allocated marketing resources
  3. Measuring marketing initiatives
  4. Building a brand
  5. Relying on marketing for lead generation


  1. Hiring new employees
  2. Founding new departments
  3. Retaining top talent
  4. Embracing diversity at work
  5. Nurturing a thriving culture


  1. Time management
  2. Working ON the business
  3. Communication
  4. Motivating employees
  5. Strategic leadership


  1. Landing new business
  2. Retaining customers (Lifetime Value - LTV)
  3. Maximizing word of mouth
  4. Identifying new sales channels
  5. Handling pricing negotiations
  6. Building strategic partnerships and networks


  1. Solving productivity problems
  2. Automating business processes
  3. Deploying technology for innovation
  4. Training staff at large
  5. Keeping up to speed with innovations