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The Best Business Leverage

Planted 02020-05-02

Are you trying to convert or create an experience?

I’ve seen many businesses spend all their time and money spamming and interrupting people—pretending they’re welcome. They focus on interrupting just the right people, generating articles, mentions, and profiles, and spending as much as they can on ads. All because they think that will get the word out and help their business.

Are you trying to convert or create an experience?

Businesses hurt their brands—their identity in the eyes of customers—when they focus on conventional sales tactics. Without the context of customer experience, focusing on the metrics of “marketing” efforts ends up losing a trust in that brands.

It’s not the metric that matters—that’s just a tool to spot issues of customer experience. It’s the experience that matters, what customers tell themselves about your business and what you have to offer. Get clear on the story you tell.

Business would be easy if your customers thought the way you do. So you have to begin by understanding why people don’t choose you and what you have to offer them.

When businesses run around saying “We need SEO” or “We need to run ads” what they really desire is better customers. Experience always wins.