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No More Strategy

Guide not with directions but by design.

Strategy is the science of directing military movements; generalship.

Strip back the war games language. No more strategy, tactics, or leadership — we’re here for the infinite game.

What we really need is intention, purpose, and design.

Fixed attention on the determination to act in a certain way. To determine upon some end to be accomplished. This end intended to be expressed and carried into action. All while leaving the way flexible.

By acknowledging the tradeoffs people are willing to make (instead of focusing on setting concrete goals) you can allow people to build a shared and explicit understanding of what they can and can’t do. Now people are free to do everything else needed to act responsively in changing situations while staying true in purpose.

Management by design.

Guide not with directions but by design. Openly lead with purpose and those who align with it — will come to work with it.